The Ask

How can KIND enter the pet food category?


KIND's purpose is, "(to) bring kindness to the world in the form of a healthy snack."

KIND's product motto is, "if you can't pronounce an ingredient it should not go into your body."


There are 78 million dog households and 86 million cat households in the U.S.

KIND users are 60% more likely than the general population to be dual animal households.

There are only two products in the pet food category designed for consumption by both cats and dogs.

By removing all of the unpronounceable substances from cat and dog treats, you create a product safe for consumption by both cats and dogs.


Dual pet households do not identify as dog people OR cat people.
They are both.

The english lexicon doesn't have a descriptor for these dual pet lovers. We used the introduction of KIND Pet to create a term for them.


In order to bridge the divide between the dog and cat market, we had to reframe the conversation around pets while discrediting the notion that cats and dogs need separate treats. 


KIND's current user base over indexed on pet ownership. This allowed us to capitalize on the brand equity despite entering a new market. To take advantage of this, we segmented KIND's current customers by type of pet ownership. We then identified the most used sources of media/purchasing habits within the pet owner segments and crafted our media and product placement around their habits.

Measuring Success

In order to execute the KIND Pets launch, we created a media matrix built around our target audience. Each sequence of the matrix leads to our three touch points;, #KINDawesome, and The KPIs are also designed around the target audience to best measure and adjust media engagement.


Shayla Johnson - CBM
Alisha Taylor - CBM
Cody Colvin - CBM
Joe Reilly - CBM