We challenged Coors Light to own the chillest part of the music industry, artists' down time.


In a world full of hard seltzers and light beers Coors Light is having trouble standing out. They're just another can in the cooler and looking to differentiate from other light beers.


How can Coors Light create a brand activation in the music space that extends the 'Made to Chill' campaign?


The live music industry is inherently NOT chill. 

For Fans - Concerts have become line factories. You wait to get in, wait to get a drink and wait for the person in front of you to put their phone down so you can see the show.

For Artists - Performing is not chill. They're putting on an act for thousands of people. Even in their down time, they're expected to play that same role for paparazzi. 


If artists aren't chilling on stage, how do they chill off stage?

Turns out, they're doing some unexpected things.

Jack White

Taxidermist & Upholsterer 


Pinball Machine Restorer

GrandMaster Flash

Mug Collector & Maker


Coors Light can own musician's off tour moments when they are being truly themselves and chilling. Let the other light beers fight over that sliver of concert time.

Concert Time


Welcome to Chill University.

A weekend program where you earn a B.S. in chill from musicians teaching you their favorite ways to chill.

Introducing Chill University

A completely non-accredited college, solely designed to help you master the art of chill. 


There's no reason that Chill University has to stop with music. The format can be grown and extended into culture at large.

Vinn Diesel

Dungeons and Dragons Master

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Houseplant Expert

Sergey Brin

Trapeze Artist


I don't know what I'm doing, but I know how to figure it out.