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Hello, I'm Lee

I'm a Brand Strategist.
I've also been called college dropout, carpenter, fisherman, Marine, bartender, and business analyst. Which Lee are you looking for?


No matter the title, I dig deeper.

As a college dropout,

I wallowed in self pity before

discovering the importance of failure.

As a carpenter,

I built docks, boat ramps, and homes.

I also noticed the nuances of creation.

As a fisherman,

I pulled gill nets at 4 a.m., learned tidal charts,

and identified subgroups of waterman.

As a Marine,

I obsessed over Naan bread, ran a patrol base,

and learned cross-cultural communication.

As a bartender,

I crafted the best mojito in Richmond, VA

and realized everyone has a story to tell.


Excluded from my resume:

"You were the worst drummer I ever taught. How did you make it past auditions without reading music?"

My High School Band Director


Millennials are killing everything. 

Here is where we lay the victims to rest.

Sometimes, brands miss shifting consumer trends. This is a personal collection of brands and whole industries that missed these trends, but found the perfect scapegoat.



This is a Notorious B.I.G. reference. If you don't get it, check out my Instagram.


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